About Nate & Robin

Nate and Robin Foutz are a fun-loving couple who love drinking coffee and “glamping” together with their kids. Nate is an amazing husband and father and uses his talent as a drummer to worship the Lord at their church. Robin loves preaching, writing, and mentoring others.

She started her ministry, Relentless Living Ministries, to empower others to live relentlessly in the truth of the Gospel.  In 2012 their lives were forever changed when their son, Elisha, was hit by a car while riding his bike. Elisha suffered severe trauma to his brain. He was in a coma for a month and then went to rehab for three months. They have seen God’s healing power in Elisha’s life and they believe God is not done yet. Elisha is currently in a wheelchair and needs help around the clock. Nate stepped away from his career to care for and work with Elisha.

Robin and Nate wanted to travel and take vacations with all of their children comfortably which led them to purchasing a Class A RV in 2015. On one of their many trips, in August 2016, Nate suggested they not build the dream house they had been planning to build but to buy a newer RV and travel more often. Robin thought about it and asked the Lord for clarity. In a matter of minutes the Lord revealed a mission to travel the U.S. with a camera finding churches and ministries who might be considered small but are doing great and unique things to reach people with the love of Jesus.  They would create video episodes highlighting the impact of these churches and ministries and promote them via social media. This is how Faith and Freeways began.

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