About Faith & Freeways

Making known the impact of the local church.

The mission of the ministry:

Faith & Freeways was created to highlight the impact and victories of Christ through the local church. It’s mission is to take a video camera into churches and ministries across the United States, finding ones who are taking opportunities to share the love of Jesus in powerful, practical and unique ways. F&F will create YouTube episodes as well as a blog to spotlight the different and innovative programs these churches use to make an impact while acknowledging the uniqueness within the Body of Christ.

Faith & Freeways was created to invest in ministry leaders who have served the Lord and the local church with integrity, creativity and diligence over the years. It’s easy to see success through the eyes of the world. How big a church is, how many books a minister has produced, the amount of TV appearances and how many speaking engagements the minister has landed may say “success” but there are also leaders who have taken a different path. Faith and Freeways believes the Lord also sees leaders who haven’t been acknowledged as successful in these areas.

Our goal is to encourage these ministry leaders by providing additional resources to help them with whatever season they are in. We will accomplish this through providing support, leadership development opportunities, a hand to pray with and an ear to listen. Faith & Freeways was created to build the Kingdom of God by sharing the Gospel through Spirit-Led encounters with individuals. Building the Kingdom of God is always at the forefront of our minds. We will take our camera to the streets of the communities we will be visiting to interview and share the love of God with anyone and everyone who is interested. Through these interviews, we believe the Lord will bring salvation, redemption, grace and healing to individuals who have either lost sight of Jesus or have never encountered Him.

 Our Board of Directors:

Sal Ferlise – Chairman

Johanna Calfee

Monica Lacey

John Williamson

Craig Rayment

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